Lighting Recommendations GU10 3.3w

Hi Hubitat Community!

I have 2 x GU10 lights that I wish to replace with smart bulbs.
The only hurdle is that the bulb housing says its rated at a maximum of 3.3w and i'm struggling to find many options.

I don't care if it's z-wave, zigbee, ip ect as long as it works with the C7
Doesn't need to be colour adjustable, but would like something in the white 4000k range.

So far the Tapo TL31 is all I can find, but its 2700k which is too yellow compared to the rest of my lights.
Tapo have a TL33 with colour changing but this is 3.7w

Any recommendations or thoughts?
I understand there is some headroom with the max wattage rating - would it be too risky to go with the 3.7w in a 3.3 housing?

Ikea's Tradfri GU10 bulbs are 3.3w, and there is even a tuneable white option.


Perfect! looks like they have a few options, and at least one of those is available for delivery.

Thank you muchly.

Spoke too soon, looks like the 1 zigbee model they have is unavailable for delivery :frowning: