Lighting control Questions

I am trying to use the motion lighting app to create some very simple lighting rules. Perhaps I am not using the correct app.

  1. I want to turn a light off after no motion for 5 minutes. I can't figure out how to not have the motion turn the light on.

  2. I want to turn a light of after no motion for 5 minutes and the TV is off.

  3. Turn on a light of motion detected (sensor 1) after 7 PM to 7 AM. Turn off after 5 min if no motion (sensor 1 and 2).

Any insight would be appreciated.

How do intend to control the tv?

I have a Sony Bravia and have a smart app that knows if the TV is on our off. It reports it in a switch state.

Nice... sadly I own a Samsung tv from 2017. Which someone had made a smart app for HE for it :wink:

Ya. For more complex situations you might want to use RM as it's much more powerful. Simple motion lighting is just stripped down versions.

Maybe make the motion sensor a trigger and then the rest conditions.