Lighting Apps didn't Trigger

I noticed this morning my apps didn't work and lights were on. I went to Hub and green light is on. On computer I could not reach the site. Only thing I can do is reboot the hub from power. This has happened several times the last month. I have made notifications with Pushover to alert me on/off for lights.
I go away for long periods of time so I have a wifi plug for the hub. I downloaded the mobile app and I see the dashboard with the 3 lights. I have setup a pin. How do I operate the lights through the mobile app?

This is the log. Receptacle#3 is supposed to go off at 11:02 pm.
Also why don't I see the other devices,Zooz switches, in the logs?

First, I'd recommend sharing a screenshot of your app/automation if you feel comfortable. It's possible something is not configured as expected, and someone else's eye may catch it. Your logs only show device logs, not anything from an app, but it's hard to troubleshoot without seeing what's supposed to happen. I'd also recommended sharing what specific devices you're using in case anyone knows of specific quirks with those.

Regarding reaching your hub, do you have a "static" DCHP reservation for it, or is it possible the IP address just changed? That's one possibility, but since it works after a reboot and your automations (quite likely set up correctly) aren't, perhaps your hub just froze. Are you using any custom apps or drivers? Some have been know to cause problems. Any information you can provide about any of these things might help narrow down the problem.

Here are screen shots for the apps. I only use HE no custom apps. The 3 Zooz switches control lights at front door, back door and by garage. They come on at suset and off at sunrise. When it malfunctioned yesterday I manully turned off the lights. They came on at sunset but did not turn off this morning. The receptacle #3 controls a lamp. It worked fine today.
I do have a static address for the hub. The hub might have froze but since I can't reach it only recourse is to remove power . Hopes this helps.

The app definitely appears to be set up correctly. Since you can't reach the hub and there's no reason to suspect a network issue, that sounds troubling. You may want to reach out to official support (support at hubitat dot com) to see if they can assist further. If you're not running custom apps or drivers, that is one of the first troubleshooting steps you might be asked to do, so you're already one step ahead.

Good luck!

(PS - If you don't have much set up on your hub, you could also try a soft or full reset, with some caution, but if it's a hub hardware problem, you might end up in the same position again. Support may be best.)

@mrcorvettegolfer I am just wondering if having sunrise and sunset selected in two different areas may be causing your problem. You have the Trigger at Sunset and the selector for turning off at sunrise.
You also have restrictions set for the same between sunset and sunrise. You might try removing the selection under restrictions (between two times) and see what that does.

That's certainly a good idea--at the very least, it does nothing for this rule since it's entirely time-based already and the restrictions won't add anything (but if even a few milliseconds off in one direction or the other might prevent the time-based ones from running). I'm still not sure about the hub inaccessibility.