Lightify smart switch - unreliable - any way to debug?

So I got the 4 button switch, paired it, programmed a couple of the buttons initially and everything worked fine. When i hit button 1, 5 different accent lights go on - brilliant. When I hit button 3, they all go off. fantastic.

About 2 weeks later, i try it, and nothing.. i keep pressing button 1 and eventually the lights turn on. hitting button 3 a million times eventually turned them off.

Subsequently I replaced the battery thinking maybe that's the issue. Initially, it worked. After the switch sat untouched for a day or 2, again with the million presses.

Basically, at this point I get maybe a 10% success rate of getting it to respond.
Is there a way to debug it? is it the switch? is it the driver? the connection between it and the hub?


See this post (and thread) on this topic.

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