Lightify Gateway API integration

Haha wow, this thread is funny to look back at. I remember thinking 'who the heck is going to write that driver for us?' when I'd first gotten my hub :laughing:


Does anyone have issues with this link? It says it's not there or private when I click on it.

The discussion thread for the lightify gateway local integration currently is:

It seems that @adamkempenich changes the title every time he releases a new version... When the title changes, the link changes...

A more permanent link would be to his github repo


It’s really strange. My MagicHome thread’s URL has worked since day 0, and I’ve changed that one a lot. I’ll remove the version from the title and call it good if I can’t figure out perma linking. No more confusion... until it goes to beta lol.

FYI - Lightify Cloud is shutting down next year. Obviously this integration is local but worth a read to understand any implications:

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