Lightify and their cutoff

I just thought I'd mention the fleeting thought I had. I just opened another new box of lightify's and was going to pair them to my "known troublesome keep separate hub" when I realized that every light I've joined to lightify has needed firmware. So I took the other set I hadn't opened and did just that. They both updated. If you run these, it might be a wise idea to pair them to lightify before they cut off and update the firmware. I find that they run better on hubitat with the new stuff. I'm thinking that I still won't trust them mixed in with my main environment, but probably a wise thing to get them updated.
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The Lightify Firmware can also be downloaded from their website. So, if you have a Conbee or other Zigbee network device that can do OTA, you can download the latest and greatest and do the update that way too. I had a heck of a time finding the link so thought I'd share (plus, then I can find it when I'm looking for it again). :slight_smile:


Nice contribution Ryan. Thanks for that. Always appreciated.


Which ones did you go with?

I have the flex rgbws. The expandable ones. Starts with three, two foot lengths. They were 17$ because of the whole lightify shutting down thing.

Holly crap, I'm way behind. Have they mentioned anything about their Sylvain brands going away or moving away from Zigbee? I'm not seeing any reference to that so far.

this is what I know

I'm unsure of what that involves as I only have lightify products. I got an email from them too.

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@Ryan780 Thanks for the post on the firmware download location for the Lightify bulbs.

@bcopeland Are you secretly building out a Zigbee OTA driver like you have done for z-wave? :wink:

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They've actually been $17 for months on Amazon. It's the same seller that has the Edge-lit under-cabinet lights for only $15 (I've bought 4 of them). The Garden Spots are super cheap too if anyone was looking for a spring-time project now that the weather is getting warmer. I've been debating them for a while just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Don't know how this seller is selling the Lightify stuff so cheap. Ledvance is still making the lights so it's not like they're going out of business or anything.

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If I told ya, I’d have to kill ya :wink:


Ahh, linky please. Is it franko or VMInnovations

I just bought 10 BR30's RGBW at 6 bucks each. As each set arrived the first thing I did was update on ST or lightify, and then tucked them away.

NB- I'm on replacement number 5 for the gardenspots. I love them but they have a defect where one of the R, G or B leds burn out, and then 1 or 2 of the spots in the set will not change to the proper color. Sylvania is good about replacing under their 2 year warranty, but that will stop too once they go out/under. I've spent as much on return postage as the lights cost