Lighted deck post caps?

I'm building a new deck and was hoping to get recommendations for light options.

We were going to put solar caps on the 4x4 posts, but then I remembered I have a smart home.

Has anyone seen a product that can integrate with Hubitat? One/off is fine, but was hoping to find a color changing product.

Wow no... sure haven't. If you use low voltage ones you could use a smart relay to turn them all on or off, or a smart outlet to just shut off the transformer. But solar... I'm gonna guess you won't find anything like that at all. It might be possible to crack one open and see how much spare room there is in there. You MIGHT be able to fit a smart relay in there. But the chances of getting a smart relay that works with the right voltage and still fits inside the housing... meh.

I apologize. I didn't mean to imply that the solar option be part of the smart solution.

I just meant the form factor. I agree that a solar powered option would be unlikely.

So clarify, does anyone know of a smart solution, preferably color-changing, low or regular voltage, that come is a post cap form factor?

I'm really curious if anyone has ever seen a color changing option that can link to Hubitat. I see them on Amazon, but they use the remotes.

Not sure which country you're in? There seem to be quite a lot options in the UK for post-cap lights, but unfortunately none that are smart. But could you get a standard post-cap light and put a smart bulb in it? I guess it depends on the size of the light and the bulb, but potentially an option if you can't find an all-in-one solution

I'm in U.S.A.

I guess similar (probably even more) options exist in US. Just a question of whether you can bulbs to fit

I don't think there are any smart bulbs in that form factor, and most are integrated LED anyway, so no bulb change possible.


I bet ya the folks in the Holiday Lighting forums might have some ideas for yah...why not go all out and make your post caps "holiday ready" :rofl:

I can't remember which forum is the most popular but there are at least three out there that seem pretty well traffic-ed.

And if you need a education-vacation, and like seafood.... this starts in a week or so.

Report back if you go!

Probably the closest thing I can think of to your request is the Sylvania Gardenspot lights. Granted they aren't post lights, but I don't think there are any smart lights that I would classify a post light.

Maybe depending upon your deck, router a groove in the underside of one the horizontal rails, or in the corner posts at the stairs and other important points. Use RGBW strip lights with a diffuser channel to make things look pretty. The RGB strips are available with outdoor (IP rated) coating, and the diffuser channels are fairly inexpensive and look nice and would add additional weatherproofing. Using this method, you get a nice glow over the whole deck instead of spots of light.

I stole this from the 'net, but it is basically what I am thinking of.


That a nice idea with the led strips.

I've used garde spots. I actually had them stuck into the railing of the deck we tore down to build this new one.

Instead of, I think I'm going to do the led strip under the stairs. Thanks for the suggestion!

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