Light vs. Switch in Alexa app?

Is it possible to change a device from a light to a switch in the Alexa app? It discovered all my hubitat devices, but all of them are showing up as lights.

There should be no difference for Alexa.

I’ve read in other threads that’s a byproduct of the way that the hubitat hub currently presents itself to Alexa. Apparently it’s disguised as a hue bridge to make a direct LAN connection rather than connect through the cloud with a skill.

As Bruce said, it shouldn’t really make a difference. In the app your switches will look like they’re dimmable bulbs, but obviously the slider won’t do anything.

The difference is, any device labeled as a light will turn on or off if I tell Alexa to “turn on/off the lights”. Some of my devices I definitely wouldn’t want to turn on or off with that command.

I’ve found that to be the case only if I group lights and switches together.

Same issue can occur with a fan controller or shades that appear as a dimmer device, I guess.

This will be resolved with the Alexa Skill that is soon to be released. We default most things to a light, unless it is just a switch or an outlet. However you are able to change the category of the device in the Alexa app to either one.


Just noticed this as well, and want to continue on this thread...

I'm looking at my Alexa app on an Android device, and there does NOT appear to be any way to change the Type field, currently showing as Light for a Hubitat Virtual Switch. (Unless I missed it completely!)

Edit: I looked at my ST devices, and I can indeed change the Type for them, but not for my HE devices.


What I believe you can do is change a plug/outlet to a light...not vice versa. This allows you to include lamps attached to an outlet in your "lights" command.

At least that's my understanding of how this works...but I could be mistaken.

I see what the issue is. It's putting all switches in the light category. I need to supply both categories with those specific devices. Hopefully it will be in the next release.

Also Alexa FINALLY lets you remove and update devices! How to Proactively Manage Endpoints | Alexa Smart Home So I will try to get this in the next release as well.


I see that this issue still exists. I was setting up an Echo in my bathroom that has a zwave switch for an exhaust fan and also a Zigbee light. In the Alexa app it is grouping the switch and light as lights and just the switch as a switch. If I tell Alexa to turn on the light, the fan comes on also.

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