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Hi all

I'm in the UK first of all but fortunately do have a 3 wire (with neutral) set up. I've done some research but trying to work out what is the best way to do the lighting control within the house. I want to do control at the switches not the bulbs. I also obviously need the system to work locally not through the internet or needing to wait for IFTTT.

Have currently used a Fibaro 222 for a couple of installations but looking for what to do over the whole house, needs to be fully integrated into Hubitat Dashboard.

  1. Replace all light switches with XXXXX product
    Options could be LightwaveRF or others?

  2. Keep existing (boring lightswitches) and add Fibaros but would need to channel out each box for a deeper one so bit of a pain

  3. Swap lightswitches and add Fibaro (again need to do back boxes)

My thought was by the time I add up cost of deeper back boxes (and channelling), fibaros and new switches that maybe a better option is to get a pre-done version?


  1. Remove lightswitches and run purely on tablets - anyone done this?
  • Would help get tablets where I want them, can have fibaro's behind the tablets I'd imagine
  • Do people just put blank plates where not used as this might not look the best?
  • I have a few which are dual switched and 1 end would make sense for the tablet and the other wouldn't need a switch so can you just join the wires and plaster over?

I've got to change:

1 Gang - 2
2 Gang - 4
3 Gang - 2
3 Gang (1 Dimmer) - 1
4 Gang - 4

I have Gen 1 fitted and these are stateless which hasn't caused me any issues. You do need an RF hub. I also use an RPi as an interface between the HE hub and the RF hub.
Does work well but may be more effort than you want to put in.

You could use Fibaro dimmers in the ceiling rose of your lights if you cannot fit them in your wall box.

Maybe get TKB HOME zwave switches and dimmers (or something similar). I have one of those and it also works well.

Personally I agree about keeping away from smart bulbs.

Not a problem with effort, guessing the RF hub can sit in the loft - whats the range?
Is Gen 1 still available?

I don't have a RPi but do have a windows 10 machine dedicated for Blue Iris so presume there is similar software which can work for that?

Any other options out there for the UK?

Probably. I have never played with the range so do not know.

Probably off ebay or somewhere similar.

Can't comment on that I'm afraid. The thread I mentioned is RPi specific I believe.

TBH with hindsight I would have gone with Fibaro or Aeotec dimmers and placed them in the ceiling rose as my light switch boxes are not deep enough to fit them there. I have put Fibaro dimmers in my bathroom and EN Suite and switches for the fans in those rooms.
This way you can use whatever type of light switch you wish. You can use the light switch to turn them on and off or let HE do the work for you.

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