Light Switches Tab Hubitat app

Hello all
Ive searched and cannot find the answer
This is my first owning a tablet again. I had a tablet when they first came out so I guess it was 1st gen? Not a pleasant experience.

I just purchased a Samsung Tablet S9
Installed the hubitat app. I clicked on Lights Switches Tab. I do not see any lights and switches appear at all.
Yes i can connect to the dashboard. But would also to prefer the Lights Switches Tab too

Thankyou in advance

Just tested it on my Android tablet, working here.

In the app try going to Settings then tap on Select Hub. It should load a new page where you can select your hub, then a device to attach it to. That will re-attach the app to the hub. I have found that sometimes the connection with the hub stops working correctly.

Tried that
Light Switches tab wont load
Dashboard wont load

I went into the hub settings then devices.
Deleted the tablet in the device section.

I uninstalled and re installed the hubiatat app from the google play store. Same result.
No lights devices tab
No dashboard

Can your hub reach the Internet? Go to Settings > Network Setup, use the Network Tools link at the top, and try to ping a public hostname like and see what the result is.

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Seconded. Also you can go to My Hubitat > Registered Hubs > Details

Look at Last Checkin and Active info.

Ok update
I was able to get the lights switches to load and i can see them

Now i can't see my dashboard

Any suggestions?

Thankyou ALL

I got it all dialed in. Everything is in working order.
Noob stuff corrected

Thankyou again to you guys

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