Light switch won't turn off after motion stops

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New to Hubitat coming from ST. I have 6 GE Z-Wave Plus light switches total. I have a SAR turning my garage lights on when it detects motion in either of the two motion sensor out there and turn them off when the motion stops. It works fantastic so I had a great idea. My kids leave my kitchen light on like i've got money to burn so I bought a motion sensor for the kitchen and wrote and SAR to shut the lights off after 1 minute of no activity. I don't need it to turn them on, just off, but the rule doesn’t work. I can watch the motion stop and count to sixty and nothing happens. If I write the rule to turn them on with motion and off when it stops, it works great, but that not what I need. Any suggestions?

Maybe post a screenshot of your rule and someone can see what might be wrong.


When the light is physically turned on does the status get updated?By default if HE thinks that the light is already off it won’t send the command.

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Any chance that the motion sensor is detecting motion within the 1 minute timeout so it just keeps it on?

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I looked and when the light is physically turned on it doesn't update. How do I get it to report the change?

Thanks for the kind welcome! This platform is just enough above my head that it can be a nice challenge. I'm not even close to being a programmer but love to automate stuff so I can save energy and such. After posting the photo of the rule I realized the delays are set for 0 would that be an issue?

Zwave plus should automatically update their status, but that update could get lost if the mesh is weak. What does the Zwave details page look like for the device?

WOW! I posted a picture of the wrong rule. My bad! Here is the correct one.

Is this what you're looking for?

This sounds like me about a year ago! :smiley: There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it!

Your rule looks correct... Do you know if your switch is Z-Wave Plus? As @thebearmay mentions, the Plus devices update their status automatically. The ones that are not plus may or may not - there is a Z-Wave polled app that can be installed for those cases.

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They are all GE Z-Wave Plus part number 12722. I bought them thinking they would be better in the long run. This is why I'm puzzled that they don't auto update like they should. I can actually watch them NOT update. So frustrating. This is the rule I thought should work to just shut the lights out.

They are not Zwave plus. Missing the 0x5E in the clusters. They DO have Ox25 which are plain Zwave.

That is why you aren't getting status updates for these.

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That makes sense. After a closer look, the box is a little misleading. It says Z-wave Plus smartcontrol. Not Z-wave Plus with smartcontrol. Grr. . .Guess I'll be looking to replace some switches.

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You may be able to use the built in polling app to get updated status.


It took a reboot, but that seems to be the solution. Thanks a bunch! I never noticed that little gem.