Light switch to control outdoor lights?

This should be a quick yes or no. I'm going to be installing a Zooz Zen72 dimmer to operate one of my LED light fixtures. Can this switch also be used to control my outdoor string lights with a different combination of taps? They are connected to a Z- wave outdoor outlet.


I think that supports double tap (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) Simply set up a button controller with it using double tap to turn it on)

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I have the Z71, but I imagine the 72 works similarly - should be no problem. Just enable the "Scene Control" option for the dimmer and you can then use the Button Controller app to do whatever else you want with it (hold, double-tap, etc)


The dimmer only works with LED bulbs that function using Triac forward-phase circuity. Some LED bulbs require trailing edge dimmers. Since you did not specify which type of bulbs you are using, it is impossible to tell if the ZEN72 will work in your setup.

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