Light shows off but light is on

i had my list sorted by "name" if i sort by ID they are down in the middle

yeah for an IT guy i only get limited amount of time to play with this stuff. Like now and some time in the summer. zigbee has just been much easier and faster for me

they rarely fail to add to the network and if they do always work on the 2nd try.

for Z-wave things like to just "fall off" the network and i have to factory and readd it. its very annoying - processes cannot be followed

i also feel like zigbee respond much better witch stop my wife from telling me the lights are not working lol

@Sebastien i quicky pulled the tabs on a bunch of my lights and unpluged some zwave stuff

no luck

ill have try the breaker method and start pulling batteries

there is no way you can just delete these from the database? the combined time i have spent on this i could have just started over readding the devices lol

this page really needs a "force remove" on it

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