Light on for X minutes

I’m identifying my workday morning mode by motion light switch on in my bathroom between a certain time. If I happen to be off of work and use the bathroom, I’d want my rule for workday morning mode to miss this

Time is the variable, the light and motion will be on longer if I’m brushing teeth, etc. instead of a quick visit when I’d be off work. How to I program my rule to only fire when the room has been occupied 10 minutes or longer

Condition: Motion active (or light on, whichever one you prefer)
Rule: Motion active (or light on, whichever one you prefer)
Actions when True: Delay 10 mins (Cancel on State Change), Set Mode

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Shoot that’s easy enough. For some reason thought it would be harder. Thanks!

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Not sure if you are a ST/webcore convert but if so this method does the same thing as the Stays trigger in webcore. More on that here: