Light off after defined time

I would liked to have a simple rule to turn off a light switch after 30 mins if it being on. Can someone help me out here ?

Using Rule Machine or Simple Lighting?

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I don’t really see an option for that in either application. If light x is switched on for more the x min switch light x to off. I am migrating from and IRIS system and trying to recreate this similar rule.

Okay. Well, in Rule machine, you can use a Trigger. Your trigger would be the light coming on. Then you would select a delay of 12 minutes and then turn the light off. Have you followed the tutorials on Rule Machine?

I tried to do it earlier and kept running into walls. I did just get the hub in tonight though. I will give it another shot tomorrow. I am just surprised there isn’t a real simple option for that in simple lighting. Thanks for the reply.

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Easiest way I know of, is with an RM rule. Here is an example. This happens to be for a vent, but a light would be setup the exact same.

With motion lights, I do it differently, as you want to cancel the off event if motion is detected again. But for a simple turn it off after x minutes, this is what I use.

Or this... Same thing done slightly differently on the action:

Or you can go through the tutorials so you can learn how to use Rule Machine rather than just get the answer from someone, since you've had the hub less than 12 hours. Teach a man to fish.... :slight_smile:

But yes, those are good examples. But since he has had the hub for less than a day, I doubt having a picture to help him is going to actually help till he learns the mechanics of Rule Machine. Gotta crawl before you can walk.

You'll find really quickly that simple lighting is kind of an unused app. Rule Machine isn't that much to contend with once you get the basics down. Just remember, some sub-options don't show up till you select a device for them. I was nailed by this a few times in the beginning. So, if you don't see something you're expecting, select a device or put a number in a field and odds are, it'll pop up out of nowhere. :smiley:

I think I got it.

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If you only want the rule to apply when you've physically turned the Kitchen light on, then yup. I really would recommend going through the tutorial videos first. They aren't long and they will really help get the basics down.

After playing around with this I changed the trigger from physical switch to switch. Learning here.

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