Light Notifications

I'm looking to create a new notification method in our common rooms with lights, either with LED strips and artwork or something like different scenes/colors and Nanoleaf panels. My thoughts for "light notifications" are:
-in the mornings when we are getting ready to be able to display the weather conditions (e.g., color scale ranging from dark blue being like below 0°F to dark red being above 100°F),
maybe if there is rain/snow forecasted to display a certain color,
-a specific color for notifications for someone pressing the doorbell, washer or dryer finished in a load, fridge doors/freezer drawer being left open, leak detected, etc.
It could also then function as a decorative light installation when not having a specific "notification light", particularly like during parties accompanied to music.

My questions to the community include:
-has anyone else successfully done something like this?
-has anyone had success with nanoleaf panels and creating different scenes that can be triggered by Rule Master for different events/triggers?
-does anyone have any other recommendations regarding potential notifications to include?

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