Light keeps turning on when mode change

Here are the actions

If I turn off the "Adjust lights on mode changes" setting then the lights don't change when the mode changes.

What am I doing wrong?


I am trying to find some help with a very similar setup. I am struggling on the activate and how when the mode changes, the lights either know to stay off or turn on. I want a few to turn on, but mainly want to simply adjust the level/temp/etc based upon Mode changes.

To your issue specifically, i am a very new to this. I am mainly using switches, but I have noticed that some of my bulbs turn on when you adjust the level or temp. Some don't, some do.....not sure if it is a product specific issue. I think all mine have "pre-stage" option. Might check that on your devices.

What is a "pre-stage" option?

It is a setting under the device. Allows the light to be adjusted without turning on. I think there is a Pre-Color option as well on some devices. If this is not available, then when the item can only be adjusted when it is on. This can be for bulbs or switches.

Again, not an expert, but that is my understanding and explanation!

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How are you activating the RL instance in the first place? You have no "means to activate" set so, to my knowledge, the only way this would activate is by pressing the button on the RL page.

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I'm activating them with a Harmoney Elite remote or a Hue Dimmer Switch.
Their settings are under the Button control App

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Would you mind showing your lighting tables?

I see you have logging you have a log snippet from the last time this happened that you can post?

I don't have logs of this from recent times, but I can recreate it by switching off the lights via the Harmony Elite remote and forcing a mode change manually.

App 581 is the RL instance, right? You can clearly see that it thinks it's supposed to activate with the mode changes. From your initial screenshot, it shouldn't be doing that. Activating with mode changes is a separate "means to activate".

@bravenel do you see something I may be missing?

There is no Means to Turn Off, so once Activated, it remains Activated forever. Hence, upon mode change it 'adjusts' the lights, which is the same as activating them. Presumably something else is turning off these lights?

One thing you could do is to put each of these lights in the option under Turn Off Lights Options that when they are all off, the app is considered 'Turned Off':

I'm also suspicious of those log entries that say "Off null". Something isn't right.

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I'm activating and deactivating them with a Harmoney Elite remote or a Hue Dimmer Switch

Here's what I changed

Still, the light turn on when I manually change mode


Need to see the logs for this version of your RL app.

Try removing: "Activate even if already partially Activated". I had similar behaviour with that feature enabled.

Didn't work :confused:

Where do I find them?

Same place you did last time: Logs page, with filter for your RL app.

Oh :slight_smile:

You still aren't turning the lights off anywhere. How/when are they turned off? The app thinks it's Active so it 'adjusts' on mode change.