Light going to 1% after setLevel command

I have a room light app that turns a number of lights on. One of them is an Inovelli Blue zigbee switch. The app calls "setLevel 25%" and 4 out of 5 times it works fine, but around 1 in 5 it goes to what looks like 25% then dims to 1%.

Here is the log entry calling the command:

And here are the resulting events on the switch:

Would love any thoughts on how to troubleshoot, another one that has me stumped.

Is there an "on" command also being sent not shown in your event log screenshot?
What is the default level of that device if you just turn it on (using on command).

Default level is 30 if I just turn it on from the device page (it's a parameter you can set on the device).

There is not a separate on command being issued. I'm not finding it right now but I thought there was an option somewhere in room lighting to issue setLevel instead of on for devices that supported it?