Light Dimmers - Sydney (ripple effect)

Hi fellow Aussies,

I have a full Fibaro HC2 and approx 50 Dimmer 2's installed, based in Sydney. We have the offpeak ripple here in Sydney. I have tried every filter/bypass/setting in the world with Fibaro, and every night like clockwork, I have the ripple effect turn my entire house into a silent trance party.

I am moving from HC2 to Hubitat, purely based on a better controller and my relationship with Fibaro.

My question is: have any other Sydney Siders found a Zwave/zigbee dimmer that isn't prone to flicker on the ripple?

If I am changing the controller, I am happy to change the dimmers too!

tbh i've never had an issue with what you're describing thankfully, but then i haven't used fibaro either.
if you want zwave, try one or two aeotec nano dimmers, and if that keeps the trance party at bay switch to those.
OR try zigbee dimmers (e.g. ikuu) [waiting for the zwave fans to charge into the thread]
OR maybe you have something unique to your home generating high levels of EMI. would be interesting to know how you're so sure that the off-peak signal from the DNSP is the issue.
OR the guy across the road hacked into your HC2 and is pissing himself with laughter every night. :slight_smile:

You sure it is the dimmer, and not the bulb?

Must be some kind of harmonic? I have never heard of this, but I am in the USA.

There appears to be products to filter out this harmonic. No idea if this is really effective, nor do I know anything about this company or this device. But at least it is something to consider.

good point @neonturbo , i had assumed they were dumb bulbs not smart ones so hadn't thought of this.

@kelvin are your dimmers on circuits without neutrals? do you have bypass's installed? could be a voltage drop/spike thats causing the dimmers supply voltage to fluctuate and cause issues.

Even just a poorly designed LED no matter if smart or dumb can have flicker issues. Especially cheap ones, or ones that are not dimmer rated.

Usually bulbs are much cheaper to replace than other devices, so that is where I probably would start the process.

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Hi Kevin,

I'm interested to hear your results. I have the same issue with non-smart dimmer and was looking at a possible solution. For those that don't know its a way electricity companies control peak/off peak loads by adding a single on the existing power line, overlayed at a higher frequency 750hz. It's easily distinguished from other flicker issues as it consistently occurs at the same time (e.g. 10pm) every night and then cycles on the half hour or hour. I don't think its widely used outside of Australia.

Judging by this thread the Fibaro dimmers are effected and a lot of the solutions have had limited success for people.

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I have the same issue in my house in Sydney. I've actually had it for months, but really couldn't understand what was causing it. It became clear that certain lights would flicker/dim at exactly the same time each night (10:04pm), and all at the same time (different circuits, different parts of the house). I thought it might be some sort of appliance within my house causing issues (eg. swimming pool pump or ducted aircon), but after ruling those out, I was left scratching my head. It wasn't until today that I learned about the Ripple Control Signal, which is almost certainly what's causing the issue.

Based on what I've found online, there doesn't seem to be a fix within the Fibaro units, and I might need to either install a filter (or multiple filters), or else change out the Fibaro dimmers for something else.

Does anybody have experience changing from a Fibaro dimmer to something else, and getting rid of the problem with the Ripple Control Signal?

to repeat: i havent had any issues using aeotec

Hi. I am in Sydney with a bunch of aeotec dimmers and suffering from ripple effect every night. Testing the cabac ripple filter on one circuit but doesn't seem to make a difference. Anyone out there with a solution?