Light colors on hubitat

what do the light colors on the hubitat mean?

Are you referring to the “Set Color” button, or the “Set Color Temperature” button, or something else?

The lights on the hub itself. So far I have seen blue and red and green if I remember right

There are only the two colors, blue: hub is running, red: hub is not running and safe to unplug.

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So about once a week I’ll noticed my hub goes to a red light and I can’t access it and nothing works. I reboot it and it works fine.

That happen to anyone else?

No, never. Contact @bobbyD for support with this issue.

@bobbyD Next time it happens anything I can do before or after a reset to get more info?

Sorry to reopen this old thread but I can't find any new information on this. Today my hub was unresponsive - tried bringing up the local web page using the IP address and got nothing.

So I went and checked it out and it has a solid green light. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it booted and the light is now blue and everything is working.

So what does a green light mean? Thanks.

Green means it’s ready for operation.

Check your previous logs and see if you have any errors

Thanks - I checked the log and it shows that there was an entry about two days ago - normal light being switched off. Then nothing until this morning when I rebooted it. So it appears it went off-line about 2 days ago. Not much to go on?