Light and fan combo with direct integration available in Australia

Per the topic is like to buy a basic light and fan combo that talks directly to Hubitat without a third party cloud thing in the way.

Failing that feel free to recommend alternatives you've had success with.

King of Fans Wink Zigbee fan control

One example:

I can't see these available in Australia

There is a thread in this community about buying direct from the china factory.
Search "king of fans"

I've just had SkyFan DC fans installed and have integrated them with Hubitat with total local control.

The Fans are the following:

When ordering most people would order their "Skyfan DC App Control Module", however this is Tuya Cloud based and isn't what most Hubitat users would not want.

As an alternative, there is an electrician in Perth who has created his own SkyFan DC Module that runs ESPHome and he sells them for $20 (they even come with a nice 3D printed case). He designed and tested it for Home Assistant, but i've got it working with Hubitat. You can purchase them from and he even has a GitHub site for the ESPHome YAML configuration to flash onto the modules via OTA update ( GitHub - jeggleston1981/skyfandc )

Since they are running ESPHome, you'll need to install the "ESPHome Native API Library" which can be found in Hubitat Package Manager, and once installed, you can then load the ESPHome-FanControl device driver written by @jonathanb ( hubitat-drivers/ESPHome at main ยท bradsjm/hubitat-drivers ยท GitHub )

I've made some slight changes to the device driver that are specific to the SkyFan DC and how it translates fan speeds, but otherwise the standard driver from @jonathanb seems to work. Once my modified version is bedded in, i'll release it to install via Hubitat Package Manager.

Although my version is without light, I am sure that the version with the light would work without too many issues (maybe need to adjust the device driver accordingly though).

One of the issues that I wanted to steer clear from is using one of the RF bridges, as I wanted to be able to see the status and speed of the fan if someone used the remote to control the fan and this solution solves this. If any changes are made via the remote, they are almost instantly reflected in Hubitat, This includes both on/off status as well as specific fan speeds and the best part is that this is all done locally as my ESPHome devices are on an IOT vlan with no internet access.


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