Light Almond Smart/WIFI Switches

Interesting I can find all the smart switches I want in WHITE for as low as $13.
Look for a Light Almond one and the price jumps to about 40 bucks. Anyone got a link to a Light Almond wall switch and dimmer for a reasonable price how about posting it.

Wi-Fi switches tend to be cheaper than Z-Wave and Zigbee switches, likely for a combination of reasons, but I'm sure that certification (particularly for Z-Wave) and interoperability requirements (for most) are among them. The tradeoff is that Wi-Fi switches are rarely designed to work outside of that manufacturer's own, closed ecosystem, and most are cloud-dependent (people often hear "Wi-Fi" and think that they need to be, which isn't necessarily true, but does seem to be generally accurate for this landscape). Integration into Hubitat is thus hard.

Back to your question: there are a few Z-Wave and Zigbee switches/dimmers I'm aware of with change-able paddles. HomeSeer, GE/Jasco, and Inovelli come to mind. Of those, only Inovelli will probably quality as a "reasonable price," but check out out all of them in case you find one on sale. For Inovelli, the cheapest option would be the Black Series Switch (LZW30), MSRP ~$28 USD). Add $4 to get it with the light almond paddle included in the box, or buy it separately for about the same price. You could also get the Red Series (a few more features: Z-Wave Central Scenes, or multi-taps; and "notifications," temporary LED bar effects) for a few more dollars or a dimmer instead of a switch for a few more as well.

You're unlikely to find any Z-Wave switch but especially a non-white one for $13. Zooz has some that are pretty cheap a lot of the time but especially when they're on sale, but they only come in white. I think Inovelli has a pretty good bang/buck ratio, but again, feel free to check out any of the others and see what you can find. Good luck!

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I added some light almond Lutron caseta switches and dimmers in one of my bathrooms a while back, probably ~$40-45 each, and caseta devices tend to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Personally I wouldn't go with wifi switches/dimmers. And if I did, going for the cheapest option probably wouldn't make sense anyway, since it's a device that's wired directly into your home mains wiring (i.e. it could start a fire if made with low quality components). Meeting independent safety lab certifications can add to the cost of a device as well.

What's your definition of reasonable price?

Inovelli has some almond paddles for their switches, $4.