LIFX WiFi Bulb

I FULLY understand that Hubitat and Rule Maker only work with Z-Wave and Zig-bee devices. I have read a couple of Posts that were, shall I say, blunt, with the answers to WiFi Device questions. But, these were OLD posts and I am wondering if things have changed over the year or two of the Post.

So, here we go;
Has any creative person figured a way to turn on/off a WiFI bulb?

Just asking...

Thanks for reading this.


The largest problem with WiFi devices is getting the manufacturers to disclose and grant access to their API and interfaces. Some WiFi device manufactures have opened up a bit and allow IFTTT integration.

I spent 2 hours on the phone with FEIT just to have them state if the documentation wasn't on the web page it's not available for their WiFi devices. There are just so many closed systems today and that they only want to support one or two integration points where they don't have to directly support the customer like Alexa and Google.

Thank You, ronv42. And thanks for the explanation. The complexity seems to be overwhelming. Maybe more than I want to take on at the moment.

Boy am I opening a “Pandora’s Box” now.. But here goes, Just for fun I Googled LFTX Bulb API and doesn’t it take to the LIFX site and an Announcement that they have released their API to the Public and it is at a site.

So, I click on the link and there have to be 30 other links to click on to download different versions of the API.
This leads me to;
Which 1 out of 30 would be able to work with Hubitat?
Has anyone reading this post written their Hubitat API?
What worked?

Thanks for reading. This might be interesting or I might drown in the process.

@bmachia Your title is misleading. You meant LIFX not LIFT. If you search through the community you should find a post for LIFX local control.

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Thanks zarthan,
Sorry if I could type, I'd be dangerous. Honestly, that was a typo.

You Guys are Definitely COOL! I know I just dated myself (i.e. Cool). But its a compliment, trust me.

Read robheyes documentation, followed it step by step and now my 3 LIFX Bulbs show under devices.

Thanks Folks

Oh, zarthan
I could not figure out I could have made that big of a typing error in the Title of the post. But, I found out what I did.
Lets just say, "I Hate Autocorrect!!!"


Very pleased you are up and running and so quickly. Have fun.

@bmachia you should be able to correct the title. It will make it easier when people search for LIFX in the future. While Autocorrect does have its issues, it can save the day occasionally. Most times we can laugh at what Autocorrect comes up with and other times it is a head-scratcher.

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This is not true. Rule Machine works with any device that Hubitat supports, just like any Hubitat app/automation will. Hubitat's device model is meant to abstract details like the underlying protocol (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.) away from you, so apps only need to worry about what "capabilities" the device supports (in the case of bulbs, things like on/off, color, color temperature, dimming/level, etc.).

Further, Hubitat does support several cloud (e.g., Alexa), Wi-Fi (e.g., Yeelight), and LAN (e.g., Hue Bridge) devices. It is true that there are many more Z-Wave and Zigbee devices that are supported; these protocols generally work better for home-automation devices than Wi-Fi, and the protocols are more standardized, so as you've read, it's generally also easier to make them work. Very few of these have well documented local APIs since most are designed to be used in their manufacturer's own walled (usually cloud) garden. Hue is a refreshing exception with a well documented local API. Z-Wave and Zigbee devices are occasionally marketed for use with just one manufacturer's specific hub but generally aren't, and in most cases both the protocol and the communication it uses on top of that is standardized enough that they can easily be made to work.

I see you've found a community solution above for LIFX (they are not supported with built-in drivers at this time, so this is unofficial), which I guess further adds clarification to this point. I also see you mentioned "Rule Machine" (or at least I assume that's what you meant) in the context of lighting. Since I assume you are new to the platform, I'd strongly encourage you to look at Hubitat Simple Lighting or Motion Lighting first--they are built-in apps like Rule Machine, but unlike Rule Machine, they do not require you to set up your entire automation from scratch. They have lots of options built specifically for creating lighting automations, so it's a lot easier and a less error-prone to set up.


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