Lifx support out of the box


That's quite a bit to take in :slight_smile:

Color temperature isn't currently supported

Not sure what's happening with the dashboard - I don't really use it. I assume I need to add a tiles() entry to the metadata?

I'll push an update soon, I've been busy adding some sort of progress display to the app's page, as well as a button to discover only new devices which should help when a device is missed.

When I do the update you'll need to remove the LIFX Master app instance first, update the code then create a new app instance and do the discovery again. I suspect that might be necessary each time the code is seriously updated. Minor changes should be fine, but any time the way that data is stored in atomicState is modified then that's a breaking change for the app.


@rob lol sorry, wasn’t sure how much feedback you was looking for. Sorry if it seems like I’m
hounding you, I really don’t mean to be. I’m just really excited you’ve done the local driver and it is actually working really well so far. In the device settings page loads of bits are working well :+1:
Good to know for the update to major code.


Hubitat does not utilize the tiles{} section and ignores anything found there. That is strictly for the ST app. The HE dashboard displays tiles based on the capability and its associated attributes. The dimmer tile for instance would use the setLevel() method and and the level attribute. I haven't looked at your driver but the issue probably lies with how those were implemented.


Thanks, I thought I'd read that the tiles section wasn't used, but things move fast around here :slight_smile:

I'll have to have a play with dashboards I suppose


Okay, new version merged into master on GitHub - robheyes/lifxcode

You'll need to update LIFX Master (first remove the existing app instance which will delete the devices) and the two drivers LIFX Discovery and LIFX Color - you can include LIFX Tile if you wish but it's pretty much empty. Once you've done that, create a new app instance of LIFX Master.

LIFX Color:

  • Color Temperature support

LIFX Master UI:

  • Added Discover New Devices button
  • Now shows a message while scanning which indicates the current pass
  • Shows the count and names of known LIFX devices


Awesome - it discovers all of my LIFX lights. No device yet for Day/Dusk or the Z Strips of course, but they do in fact show in discovery.


I have Mini White, Mini Day and Dusk and Mini Plus (with infrared) bulbs here, just not hooked them up yet.

I want to make some more changes to the LIFX Color device handler before tackling those - still need to reliably fetch the current state before telling the bulb to change. Once that's working I'll start on the other drivers. Hoping to get that done this week sometime.


New version is up there.

You'll definitely need to remove the app instance before updating the code. Check for any LIFX Color devices and remove them before rescanning - they should all be removed automatically, but you never know

  • Polling the bulbs once a minute so the current saved state of the bulb should mostly match up to the real state. This is simpler than my original plan to ask the bulb for its state before performing an update.

  • Discovery progress display is much nicer now, devices are shown by the group assigned within LIFX. If you have lots of bulbs this should make it easier to see if any are missing. Also had a bit of a play with styling UI elements :slight_smile:


Day & Dusk working well! Nice one! It appears the "set color time" (duration) is ignored for color temperature on both the D&D and Color bulbs.

LIFX Local Control

I may add a separate setting for that


This just started happening and on top of it, it keeps turning on


Not sure what I'm seeing there - I don't use dashboards.

What kind of bulb is it? I've noticed some odd behaviour with the LIFX+ bulb that I've been meaning to investigate e.g. the bulb turning on unexpectedly - not seen the same with the ordinary Colour, White or Day and Dusk bulbs.


I was able to discover and add my bulbs, but the two white ones I have are saying that there's no LIFX White driver installed, even though it is. I noticed the code for the white says LIFX White Mono. Do I need to change something there to get them to work?

Edit - I deleted mono from the code and now it's working.


I'll add a proper LIFX White driver - the Mini White Mono is different since you can't change the colour temperature. Pretty sure that's the only difference. I won't be able to test it since I don't have any suitable devices.