LIFX local support via Apple Home

Not sure if this will help some people until we have a local driver for LIFX bulbs, but I’ve found a way that operates the bulbs much quicker and stays local, but with an extra hop. LIFX bulbs are controlled locally from Apple Home and run so much quicker.

Requirements - HomeKit + HomeBridge + LIFX

My setup is:
Motion in the room - Hue sensors picks up the motion - RM turns on a virtual switch - Apple Home automation turns on the light. RM turns switch off after a set time of no motion - Apple Home automation turns off light.

Create a virtual switch. For me, it is called Lounge Light Switch:

Add the switch to HomeBridge (restart HomeBridge after):

Switch to Apple Home. Create 2 new Accessory Automations; one to switch the light on and one to switch off:

Create a new RM rule as follows: