LIFX Local Control


@rob thanks for the info on updating the code. I can make the changes on my install, however I'm working on a HomeSeer plugin to integrate Hubitat. Will this be updated in mainline or should I fork this to keep the change?


Once you've told me it works I'll update it on Github :slight_smile:

I'll probably refactor it a bit so that the String version calls the Map version



The @SuppressWarnings annotation already exists. I made the other modification from the previous post and I will test.

[EDIT]: So far the replacement is working. I can use the '_' instead of space through Maker API and on the first few test colors it works. BTW the names are interesting but the Aloeswood Brown is more like a older Soft Incandescent :slight_smile:


Sounds like you pasted the code in the wrong place, or maybe the annotation applies to all versions of the same method?

Yeah, you're not wrong about Aloeswood Brown, it's way too bright - I should probably go through all the colours and make sure they work properly - that'll be fun! As the comment in the code says, the colours come from Named Color Codes / Reference Chart, not 100% sure why that one doesn't work properly - greys really don't I think.


Actually I didn't copy/paste anything. I looked at the code and compared. The annotation was already there, unless I was looking at the wrong block (possible). Either way I have not tested/verified the suppression as it's not effecting anything that i can tell but just something I noticed. Now I'm gonna have to go back through the code as the "did I miss that" is bugging me :slight_smile:

Yeah not blaming you for the colors from the chart. I've found that a lot of the "charts" are somewhat "off" and possible I'm a bit color blind or so my wife thinks so :slight_smile:


Ah, did you replace the existing method? You need to have both methods for it to work with the normal means.

The @SuppressWarnings is really only for my benefit in the IDE I use, it doesn't do anything as far as Hubitat is concerned. I just like to ensure that the code is as clean as possible.


See I did not... and yeah I don't care much for the web page ide. Let me go back and look at your post and see where to add in the new section...


Check... all is good with the provided method.


I've looked at and installed the MultiZone driver.... but I see no configuration nor do I see any of my LIFX groups created as Hubitat device. Is there some configuration/setup needed?


The Multizone driver is a placeholder at the moment, it will be for the LIFXZ Strip and the Beam when I get around to implementing it


Any plans to support Groups?


I'm not sure there's any point, the LIFX LAN protocol has no published way of dealing with groups (although I'm sure there must be an unpublished one). Easier just to use Hubitat's own groups.


Today I'm using this with my ISY setup. This nodeserver does have groups and is local. I may go through an see how to integrate but I'm not a Groovy developer so it will take me longer to figure it out.

The groups are nice as they are sync'd and I use it with an Insteon Scene for turning on a group of lights from a KeypadLinc (KPL). Otherwise having a "rule", program, event to turn them on is a serial action with delay between each bulb.


I'd guess it's using multiple threads to send the commands to all devices in the group pretty much simultaneously.

I suppose I could perhaps try building the packets in advance and sending them to each bulb without a delay.

It's worth a try.


If the support comes about that is cool. If not it's not a big deal just a nice to have thing. Also wondering as I have a Hubitat -> ISY integration as well and currently I'm not supporting any user apps with it, but if I do include this LIFX app in the ISY nodeserver it would be nice to have the feature comparison :slight_smile:


Any luck on this?

In the meantime, for anyone else curious, I have created two rules in Rule Machine for each of my LIFX groups (groups defined in HE):

  • Condition being that all lights in the group are ON, if TRUE then turn ON the HE group for those devices
  • Condition being that all lights in the group are OFF, if TRUE then turn OFF the HE group for those devices

Seems to work well so far, also updates the scenes that are based on those groups, and makes good use of the existing polling already built into the LIFX driver (so no additional polling).


Not had much of a chance to look at this yet, perhaps this weekend.


When I implemented my own LIFX LAN support I completely left out groups because they part of the remote http protocol. For the LAN you need to send each bulb a separate message so better to use your own platform/scene capability.


That's cool. Thanks for the info


We just got electricity to our new construction. 27 LIFX bulbs are mounted in cans, plus a Tile arrangement on the wall and a light strip as a work light. Looking forward to integrating them all with the HE, thanks to your app and drivers, Rob. Really appreciate the effort that has gone into this.