LIFX Lightstrip, can I not run scenes from it or do any of the effects? Is Hue multi zone Lightstrip the same?

I just got the 3 meter LIFX colour/white lightstrip which supports the multiple colours all at the same time plus motion effects etc. I added it to Hubitat using the built in LIFX support, but it just added it like a coloured light but then it has 24 sub-lights showing "Zone 1", "Zone 2" etc. I don't see any way to pick a scene or any effect.

I want to run the scene "Intensity" that's built in, and then also have it do the "Move" effect. Guess it's not possible with Hubitat to do this? If not, anyone know how the Hue multi colour lightstrip compares? It's ridiculously more expensive than the LIFX one so prefer LIFX but I'd pay more for Hue just because Hue does whites way better anyway.

Most "scenes" provided in a vendor-specific app, be it LIFX, hue, or some other device, are simply pre-programmed mappings to more basic functions. If you want to mimic them from Hubitat, you can set it once from the vendor/3rd-party app, then capture it using the HE Groups and Scenes app (making sure to use all of the child devices for the case of a multizone like LIFX Strip).

For effects like "Move", these are not included (as of the timing of this reply) in the built-in app - but the packets have been modeled as a class, so could be easily implemented in a custom driver, or potentially added in a future release to the built-in driver.


Thanks, I'll give this a try but so far it's not super ideal. There's 24 zones on the one LIFX strip and I was planning on adding another meter section to it which would bring it to 32 zones. When I use the Scene capture feature, it works, but any time you run it, it does the popcorn effect turning zone 1 on then 2 then 3 then 4 so almost like a light show vs turning them all on at the same time since there's so many of them.

It's not the end of the world, but I have the scene included in 2 keypad buttons, and even if the scene is active and you press the other keypad button, it "restarts" the scene almost turning it off for a split second and then doing the zone 1 through 24 setting the colours again. Would work if it did them all at the same time.

Yep, I've noticed the same popcorning of zones... For now I convince myself that it's a "twinkle activation effect", lol.

If I find some free time I intend to dabble in some custom drivers to implement some of the special packets/classes, and maybe try to address the popcorning of zones - stay tuned...