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LIFX Light Bulbs
So..., I went out to purchase a number of LIFX light bulbs as soon as the integration announcement was made. Unfortunately, I have had nothing but issues. I can't see to keep the bulbs on line. They are constantly dropping connection to my router. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how have you rectified it? (Note: I have changed the channel connection on the router to no avail and added/removed devices a number of times.)


Lifx Wifi Trouble shooting:

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Not so much a hubitat issue.. I recommend following the LIFX troubleshooting posted above by @sidjohn1 ..

I don't have any issues with mine.. and I converted every bulb in my house.. Now I do have quite an extensive wifi network with many access points indoors and outdoors..


@darlenetboggs Where is your router in relationship to the house? One side? Center? I would get a good wifi signal app and start metering how stuff is throughout your home.


Any suggestions for a good app to measure the strength of the Wi-Fi signal?

Try Netspot Wifi Analyzer ‎NetSpot - Wi-Fi Analyzer on the App Store

The router itself is on one side (upstairs) of the house (FIOS G3100) but I do have an FIOS extender ((in the middle of the house (downstairs). I get get pretty good reception throughout).

Thus far, I have separated my 2.4ghz from my 5ghz and have also placed the lights on static ip addresses (along with a couple of other devices). Will see how that works.

Using dhcp reservations for everything is always best action. Yeah the fios routers aren't the best... Personally I use Unifi AC AP-Pro's throughout for wifi coverage and hardwire where I can (servers' desktop PC's, printers, hubs, etc). I have yet to have a lifx bulb drop myself...