LIFX Integration - 1 of Lifx Strip not working as expected


I have 2 x LIFX Strips; both strips can be found by Hubitat using built-in LIFX Integration; but once added, only 1 works.

Video: Issue Adding Lifx Strip to Hubitat - YouTube
00:22 - I added "Lifx Theatre" and it shows 'current states'
00:31 - It shows a bunch of zones too
00:45/00:57 - I added a second unit "Lifx Study" - this time, the 'current states' is blank
01:11 - Lifx Study does not show the same zones on the device

Could someone please let me know what went wrong here?
I can adjust both strips using Lifx app just fine on my phone


I suspect no one here is able to assist me? thank you


Quick glance.. This looks like a network issue..

A cople things looked odd.. The "Study" light is on an IP address that is typically reserved for your router.. This is not alaways the router address on a subnet like this, but it is 99% of the time.. Are you doing any kind of static IP reservations for your lights?

Thank you; appreciate your assistance.

Yes, you were right; has something to do with the network - I reset my router settings and it started to work again.


Perhaps to a reservation for all your lifx stuff (and any and all iot devices) That will ensure there isn't any duplication of ip's

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LIFX lights in particular need an IP fixed at the router. I just spent time this afternoon chasing down an LIFX bulb I forgot to fix the IP. Router eventually gave it a new one and the LIFX Master app became eratic.

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