LIFX clean bulbs

I thinks I may have misunderstood something.

I picked up a couple of lifx clean wifi bulbs, thinking that hubitat would support them as color bulbs as other hubitat bulbs, but just not support the clean function (which would be fine by me).

I seem to not be able to discover them at all though with hubitat. did I make an invalid assumption (-:


Ignore everything i just said above. I'm an idiot. Clicked refresh, and suddenly its discoverable.. Oops


2 Ways things happen with the integration. Either A: During bulb setup it calls Homekit and immediately gets the bulb onto the wifi network and then you hit scan/rescan in the integration, or B: You bybass the homekit integration, wait 15-20 mins and the bulb will show up as an AP and you use the lifx app to bring onto the wifi network and then scan/rescan with the integration :slight_smile:

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I got them included into lifx and homekit. it was hubitat itself that wasn't picking it up. Eventually it did.

For as good as those Lifx bulbs are, their method of actually getting those bulbs online to your WIFI and registered in homekit leaves much to be desired. Once you figure out the magical combination of waiting the 15 minutes, turning off your cellular data, connecting to the WIFI on the bulb, doing the join without homekit, and then pairing homekit AFTER its registered, it works smooth as silk :laughing: . Basically, just completely ignore everything they tell you in the instructions if you want it to work.

Also the lifx app is a pile of :poop:

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I just pair with home kit to get it on the network then do the he integration.

On my iphone I could never get adding to homekit first to work. The only reliable way I found was to wait the 15, add it without homekit, and then pair with homekit afterwards.

use the QR code that comes with it, works every time

yeah. been there. QR code only worked for me using it to pair after doing the initial connection by waiting the 15 minutes and registering it with the lifx app first.

Either way, the bulbs do work fine with hubitat after you go through the initial registration pain.