Lifx Christmas Rotation

Having an issue that I can not figure out. the following changes my 3 lifx lights in the front yard from red to green. The issue is that they will not turn off in the morning. I have tried moving some things around but they still stay on. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you show the full rule and not just the actions?

I think instead of the "until" line, you would want to change your "repeat" to a "repeat while" and set your condition there.

Turning on logging and checking what the logs show would also tell you exactly where it's going wrong.

thanks for the reply. I looked for a way to share the whole thing, but I may be missing something. the only thing missing is the trigger, which is sunset. I will try your suggestion and see if that works though. If you know a a way to share the rule, let me know and I will post it.

What you have is what I meant. Often rule issues start with the trigger or the trigger can be modified to help get the rule working.

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