LIFX Bulbs all stopped working and disappeared from app

I had a set of LIFX bulbs working with Hubitat for a few months, and all the sudden, they all stopped working. They show a last activity yesterday. They work just fine using the LIFX app.
I get this when activating debug logs

They also all disappeared from the LIFX Integration app (all but one, that is not working either)

And the list of devices to be added is empty

For added fun, I control some of these using LIFX scenes through Webcore, and that does work.

What should I do??


reserve an IP for each of your bulbs. It's quite possible that the ip's refreshed on all of them.

This shouldn’t be necessary as the discovery process updates ip’s regularly..

When this has happened to me in the past it was actually an issue with my WiFi.. I rebooted all my access points and they recovered.


Tried that, but didn't really work out :frowning:
Actually one came back somehow, the rest did not, and the discovered devices list is empty. :frowning:

I've got the same issue but first it was the Yeelights, thank Fxxx the App come back to life and I was able to restore 21 of them.

Funning thing was I was testing out 1 bulb running the built-in Yeelight App on my 3rd

Hubitat and the same fault presented there as well but again the Yeelight App sprung to life and that light was seen again.

Still trying to find the bug but would love to hear from anybody who has had the same problem but found the solution?

Well, they somehow came back, one after the other, a few days later...

Glad to hear, I'm almost out of ideas and this started roughly 2 weeks ago but again happy to hear you had a win.

Cheers for the reply :+1: