LIFX Built-in drivers - questions and discussion

You have the polling option, so I was thinking that if it was linked to that (and an option like polling is), and HE got 2 or 3 non-responses, then it could safely say it was off.

Can you elaborate please?

Devices have states. Being disconnected from the hub is not a state and doesn't mean the light is off in all cases at all. So inventing a state from thin air for that circumstance is not a good idea.

It's not inventing a state tho, if a Wi-Fi bulb is not responding, it's highly likely it's been powered off. If it starts responding to polls again, then the driver should simply update the state to reflect what is being reported.

This is a binary scenario, I don't see why this has to be complicated - and if it's optional and disabled by default (like polling is), then surely it's not going to cause issues?

In your case the light is off, but suppose it is not responding because of a network problem, and the light is still on?

And if the network comes back, a poll will find that and update - problem sorted.

That's one reason I suggested 3 polls would be needed to decide the bulb is off - at a minimum of 5 mins between polls, that is 15 mins.

What, and now make up events too?

Sorry, not going down this path.

I dont understand your point.

When a device changes state, there is an event. So causing an off state means throwing an off event. Likewise, throwing an on event later would be required. But, suppose the light was on the whole time?

The better plan is for you to figure out how not to need the state of this bulb in any automation, since it is going to have an unknown state, so can't be relied on.

Ok, but what is more likely? I would suggest the light being powered off is based on the hundreds of "solutions" you can find to this issue on the internet.

My wife likes to leave the Laundry light on - I just want to turn it off after say 60 mins. The automation is easy, the issue is Hubitat thinks it's on when it isnt.

Just add a motion sensor, and forget about the state of the light. The automation will turn it off, it is still on.


Hmm, that would work.

The laundry room is the number one place to use motion activated lights. She has her hands full entering the room sometimes, or leaving it, or like my wife doesn't turn lights off no matter what. There is a lot of WAF that comes from having the laundry room light turn on when you walk in.


Very true.

I just put a piece of tape on the switch so the LIFX bulb cannot be deprived of power. Most smart wall switches have a "disable physical switch" option. Anything else will lead to chaos and eventual mutiny.

Screenshot_20221122-072916_Amazon Shopping


This is what I use.. I have Z-Wave switches and LIFX bulbs…


Probably the only think I don't like about my caseta switches (Not having one)

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I have a motion sensor controlling our laundry room lights and it works great.. also have a rule that prevents it from kicking off after a certain time (I also do this for closet lighting as well).

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Just wondering if you eventually solve the LIFX 4 gang switch and HE
All I'm getting is just one relay working.. switch 2 on the LIFX ..

I find the response time of the dashboard tile (status of the LIFX Z Strip) to be a bit slow. (2 sec). I always see the hourglass, with similar WiFi devices the response time on the tile of the status is immediate. Am I the only one with this feeling? To be clear, there is no problem with the response time of the device itself, the change is instant there.

@bcopeland Bryan, I'm a bit perplexed with the basic built-in LIFX driver, specifically the "LIFX Color" that I'm using with BR30 LiFX RGBW zigbee bulbs.

The color picker under the setColor command doesn't work from the device details page. If you type in the HSL values in the space under the button, it works fine, but if you select a color from the picker, the HSL values don't update.

Any idea what could be going on?