LIFX app is not working anymore

Any people experiencing problems with the lifx integration after the upgrade to Everything works via the Lifx app. In the HE Lifx app, all my devices are disappeared and they do not come back with a refresh in the HE lifx app

All good here...

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hmm, after restart the hub all devices are back

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If you haven't already, do DHCP reservations for all devices in your lan integrations like LIFX bulbs and voice assistants etc...

yes, I already use DHCP reservations

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I don't, and I have ~60 of them installed.. The LIFX integration is written for dynamic IPs, it uses the protocol's discovery feature to lookup the bulb's addresses... It doesn't hurt to use reservations, but it's not necessary.


@bcopeland I only have 3 LIFX devices, 1 bulb, 2 ledstrips.

This issue is keep coming back when the hub is restarting after for example a firmware update, sometimes 1, 2 or all 3 devices (random) are not in the LIFX app visible anymore. Refresh the app alone does not work to get them back. I need to restart the problem devices and after they are restarted I need to refresh the app and this brings the devices back.

It is not a wifi connection issue because I can control and restart them with my Home Assistant and LIFX app

When the hub is restarted I sent a message to Home Assistant to reboot the devices.

Is it possible to refresh the LIFX app using rule machine?