Life360 won't list Family Members in the dropdown

I installed the built in Life360 app for Hubitat. I connect to the account OK. I can select the Circle and Location OK.

When I try to select family members the dropdown doesn't show any.

Then I can't do anything else with the app because a required field is missing.

I have uninstalled/ reinstalled, etc. but the dropdown for family members won't open.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Same here.

Same here also.

Same here. This app is simply useless now and a real liability for what regards managing my home. Great...

@bravenel any ideas on how to correct this issue? Life360 is leveraged to trigger a majority of logic in many homes.. would really appreciate some help on this one, or if it's something complex to resolve, we can try to migrate to another integration.

Found the issue, we will fix in the next release of 2.3.1, probably later today.


@mike.maxwell Ah, you guys are my hero! Thanks so much sir!!

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This is to confirm the issue is resolved by an update to
Thank you Mike.

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