Life360 With States - error on sign in

I am trying to setup BPT's Life360 package. It installs, apparently ok. I sign in with the "With States" app, then try to complete the "tracker" app. Doesn't work.

In the logs, I see this:

app:13472021-02-07 11:25:09.871 am errorLife360 initializeLife360Connection, error: Forbidden

What can I do?


Did you complete all the data fields below, I know when I started I got an error because I had not added family members or a place on free Life360...

I did have the "free life360" version working some months ago. But I have now switched to the paid version.

I did uninstall and re-install the BPT package so it should free of any tokens, cookies, or whatever.

The tracker app doesn't show any of my places, which is how I knew to check the logs.


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I am still unable to sign in to Life360 on the "Life360 With States" app.

My Life360 account is okay; the phone app works just fine. Also, the native Hubitat "Connector" works, too. (I removed the latter before installing and trying the BPT package.)

It's probably something dumb on my part but, still, I wonder if others are having problems.

The attempt to sign in generates a single log entry:

app:13722021-02-09 07:14:05.199 pm errorLife360 initializeLife360Connection, error: Forbidden

I am eager to make this thing work!

Mike M.

Let me guess, you have a + sign in your login information (either username/email or password)?

If so, you'll need to manually URLencode that before entering it into the app.

Thanks for trying to help. No plus sign in my username or password.

I did eventually get the matter resolved - - - by going to my Life360 account and changing my password. I first deleted the BPT apps and driver code entirely. Then went on line to change the password for my Life360 account. Finally re-installed the code. Why that worked I cannot say as I had no similar problems when I first set it up several months ago.

Password are a pain. Necessary perhaps, but a pain.

Mike Mahoney

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