Life360 refresh

Hey, does anyone know how to stop life360 refresh stop "logging" as it's massive on the logs

Just set device state sizes to 1.

ok thank you. silly question.... all my devices are set to 100 as far as i remember... what does this do?

Actually I should have asked you what Life360 app are you using with Hubitat. If your life360 presence sensors are logging something extra then you should first check that there is "logging" disabled under device settings (in hubitat).

About state and history sizes.
Size "100" means it collects 100 x device attributes count to event history. I'm not sure what is your problem (if you have any) and why do you want to stop logging life360 but if you just want to cut the amount of history to smaller then you can for example change state and event history smaller.

Life360 (I'm using life360 with states app) uses 30 attributes. Device history collects 30 x 100 lines of log (=3000). When you change event and state size to 1 it means that every night or every reboot that particular device's history drops to 30 log lines (1x30attributes) and starts to build from there before next reboot or next night when it drops again to 30lines. That is how I keep my database smaller. (I had "your database is growing" problems before and life360 devices were most active)

i have set a rule to refresh the life360 when my front door opens/closes and every hour. i had problems before when it wouldn't recognize that anyone had left or arrived. it works fine now. just i have noticed my logging was getting really cluttered so i have turned off all logging unless i need to check something. life360 was the only one i couldn't figure out how to do it.

Same issue for me. Changing the state size doesn't seem to have any effect on logging, and it's annoying to have it fill the logs with something unhelpful.

What logs are you guys talking about? You mean logs of that particular device which is life360 presence sensor?
If you are using BPTworld's Life360 with states then it polls every 30seconds. For me that is reasonable so that I can use presence sensor location information in my automations and for example disarming system happens before I open the front door.

You shouldn't and you can't change polling interval. What you can do is set state and event size smaller. You will not see any change immediately but your device history will clean up to 1x30 log lines every night or every reboot.

And what logs are filling with Life360 information. I'm guessing you mean "current logs" or "past logs" in UI, right?

Yeah that's correct

I'll switch to BPTWorld's app and see if that works better for me

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