Life360 Needed Files

I have searched for the Life360 files that are needed to use this but there are too many topics and it is hard to tell where the latest app and drivers are located. I see that bptworld is on his own and not in HPM. That is fine but need to know where and what files. Thanks

I saw those files but they date back to 2019 and really not a list of current files and their links to them. I don't see any reference to his app or driver for the voice part either.

Go to the Bundles tab and import

Great. Thanks. I knew it had something to do with bundles just couldn't find it.

Ok, I have used the Bundle manager to load 4 apps/drivers and all of them have been configured per the instructions given.

Can anyone share a rule that shows how to configure HE to announce when a person enters and leaves a zone?

Also what is the easiest way to add a place? Phone app? Thanks for any help.

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