Life360 issues? C7

Is anyone else having major lag or even lack of response lately? Several times I have been standing in the kitchen after coming home and THEN it detects that I'm home yet Life360 mobile app itself showed I was home at correct time. My wife also got home several hours ago and I just noticed it never picked up the change. This is all on the HE side. Every time issues arise I check Life360 mobile app directly and all is correct. It's like it's not handing over info to HE.

Check the replies to something similar/related here:

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If you're on Android....

Not sure if it could be related, but I was having issues with general HE App notifications appearing quite late on my phone, even though they were sent when I expected them to be on the Hub. I think the issue I was due to adaptive battery management, or something similar, being turned on on my phone. This wasn't a per app setting like I had been used to in the past, it was a phone level setting. Could that be affecting the lag?

Also, are you referring to the app / drivers @djh_wolf linked? I use it, but I thought there was also a built-in app as well?

Either way, I am wondering whether the lag could be in your phone sending the info to Life360, perhaps linked to the battery setting I was talking about? If not, have you checked the logs to see if there are any issues in there?

I haven't been going out much lately.... so hard to provide a comparison myself.

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