Life360 EOL?

I just got an email from IFTTT saying Life360 is being discontinued in December. Being discontinued because "the Life360 team no longer supports the service". Will this cause issues with Hubitat integrations also?

nope, hubitat use their direct API

IFTTT is dying everyone is dumping it


Yikes, we don't want to be the last ones at that party! But, if Hubitat dumps IFTTT, that would surely be the final blow! Dang, social responsibility is hard! :sunglasses:

I must say, they charge a ridiculous amount for a company like Hubitat to connect to them, more by orders of magnitude than anyone else.


I haven’t used IFTTT since getting cloud end points working. Is there any need for it?


IFTTT ditched gmail integration, so it's basically no use to me anymore. I've completely stopped using it.


99% of the time, nope. I deleted everything shortly after getting Hubitat.


You got any stats on usage since they made it subscription for more than 3 applets?
I deleted my account the day it was announced


My opinion, unpopular or not, is that I would rather this money go toward something else. Maybe something like Honeywell thermostats, or maybe MyQ. Or maybe something different like keeping cost of the new backup service low.


Hey, now there's an idea! We could just make IFTTT a paid service. We'd have to have some sort of group Dutch auction with a minimum, and if not enough people are willing to pay enough, well, that's that. But, seriously, it is a ridiculous situation, and I can't very well see renewing when their annual bill shows up.


First you'd need to provide commonly useful integrations (eg. Arlo, Telegram, email) otherwise you'd have quite a few upset customers, myself included. I'm all for kicking IFTTT into the sidelines but if there are no effective alternatives then it's a bind.

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Only speaking from my setup, I only use webhooks with IFTTT, for my Wyze cams.
I'd much rather see funds going elsewhere :wink: And if it wasn't for the cams, I would have dumped them by now, in fact I may still do so yet.

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Agreed. Honeywell Evohome is the only integration for which I use IFTTT to trigger mode changes from Hubitat.

I’ve got a few Flic buttons linked via IFTTT but nothing critical.

If you have the flic hub, you can use Maker API to link directly to HE. (no need for IFTTT).


This sucks, but I understand.

It’s the only way I’ve been able to use Hubitat to trigger my Kumo Cloud minisplit and Mysa baseboard thermostats through IFTTT. It’s why I am paying the IFTTT monthly fees.

It will be a sad day when this happens and WAF will take a big hit.

Could you please at least let us know the date range when this might happen (losing IFTTT support) so I can attempt some WAF damage control? Thank you. :frowning:

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Is there some way that IFTTT support can be linked to the end users IFTTT account - that way Hubitat has no charges and the end user has the choice of using IFTTT if they want to pay for the service?

I don't think that is how it works. One may be able to use Maker API in Hubitat with IFTTT though.

Been a long time since I've messed with IFTTT, but at least at one point you could do web URLs with it.

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In defense of IFTTT, the "Automate Your Life" guy shared this that Developers only have to pay $199/year to get a service into IFTTT but I see no way that they could charge companies like HE, ST, GE Appliances, LG, etc only $199/year and stay in business. So who are the "developers" that get charged $199/year? I am curious to know the real story for those big companies.

We are not going to discontinue IFTTT support if this would create problems for many users. The posts above were purely speculative, having a bit of fun, and testing the waters. It's not that much money for us, just more than any other service (Ha, perhaps all others are free?).


All good. I respect that you’ve got a business to run and all. :slight_smile:

For the future, I’m definitely open to alternative pricing models if needed to keep IFTTT running (until I can get that pesky Kumo mini-split integrated via other means).

Thank you for clarifying!