Life360 Connector refresh errors

Seeing this in the logs a lot. Every refresh.

app:10582018-11-18 01:00:13.178 pm errorsetWebhook Error:[errorMessage:Not Found, url:/v3/circles//webhook.json, status:404]
app:10582018-11-18 01:00:12.811 pm errorclearWebhook Error:[errorMessage:Not Found, url:/v3/circles//webhook.json, status:404]
app:10582018-11-18 01:00:11.099 pm inforefresh

This is per speculation on my part, but as there is something to do with 'circle' in the error message, is the circle field populated in the app?

It's a built in app.

Yes, but in the settings you have to put in the family circle.
Here's mine for something to compare with.

go hit the button for the Life360 device and watch your log

The Life 360 Refresh device.... click on the PUSH button and watch your log.

Life360 doesn't update and I lose presence because of that.

In the Life360 refresh device, if I press refresh I do not get any errors in the log.

EDIT: I'm looking under Life 360 refresh as a device in the logs.

I do.. see log paste. And my login credentials are correct and it finds my family members.

Watch logs for LIFE360 CONNECT not refresh

In Life360 Connector I'm not seeing any errors.

Sorry to ask this again, but is your family circle populated.

I guess you didn't see that post.

Sorry. Yeah I missed that. As your errors are mentioning circles I just took a punt that it could be the issue.
Not sure what to suggest. Perhaps a ticket into support or if any one else has got any ideas, please feel free to offer some suggestions. Sorry @anon61068208

It seems I keep losing connection to Life360 and constantly have to go back to the connector app and go through all the steps even though it says Login Ok. So there is a issue with the connector app.

Twice its stopped working for me and when I've gone into the connector app, all the fields are empty and I have had to put everything in again.
Hasn't happened for a few weeks now.

Just the opposite for me. Everything is there but lost connection to Life360. Very odd.

I've had similar errors that caused my phone to be flooded with intrusion messages because it did not see me as being at home. If I open the Life360 HE app and hit ok it would fix it. Sometimes it would fix itself. Very odd and random error.

I also got these around the same time:

It's been happening a lot lately. At least 3 times a week I have to go in and re-do the connect login only to have it fall just days later.

I need to find a solution to this because this code isn't working.