Life360 Confusion

I'm a little confused as to which driver should be used for the Life360 driver. I setup the app fine, with all my credentials and it created the Life360 device but the driver is "Application Refresh Button". If I don't change the driver will it still detect my presence or do I need to switch the driver to something else, such as "Mobile Device App" for it to work?

Assuming you are talking about the built-in Life360 support you:

  1. Add the Life360 Connector app
  2. Configure the app.
  3. When you click DONE in the app it should automatically create a device for each user you selected in the app setup.

I was referring to the driver of the device created by the app. Will it still detect my presence when the driver is Application Refresh Button?

The app makes multiple devices - ONE of which is "Life 360 Refresh" which uses the "Application Refresh Button" driver. It is only used if you want to do a manual refresh of the Life360 status - otherwise you can ignore it.

The other devices created should have the same name as the user(s) in Life360 and are of type "Virtual Presence". These are the ones that will show present/not present based on the Life360 status versus.


I personally like these apps that work with Life360 to get presence and more location based attributes. They are available to install via Hubitat package Manager (HPM).

Ah OK. Thanks for explaining that @JasonJoel. I've got it now. Cheers.

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@KurtSanders I've been looking at those apps. Are you using the paid Life360 or the free one? Does the apps work with both paid and non-paid?


Both the free and paid version of work with those HPM applications.

I started off with the free edition of for a few weeks, testing and making sure it worked, which it did. I really liked the Life360 UI, smaller battery drain than HE's client, and Life360's ability to track accurately all of my family members when arriving/departing to/from my home.

Since I wanted more 'non free' features and additional location (places) tracking than Home/Not Home, I decided to upgrade to the paid 'platinum' version. I now can get unlimited location events for all my family members homes. All members on my paid Life360's platinum plan get the same upgraded benefits for free which is nice, so they don't have to pay anything since they live on my one price plan.

As a background, I was having issues with HE's mobile presence on iOS. I migrated from ST (was on ST for 6 years) to HE C7 over three months ago where ST's mobile presence worked upwards of >90%. ST has been steadily going downhill since Samsung acquired them and made the whole platform worse than Windows 95.

HE's mobile presence app was about 50-50 accurate for my family members and I could not seem to find out why HE's iOS mobile app was having so much trouble reporting our simple geo location presence. It was frustrating since I have critical events that operate our home alarm, lights, garage doors, thermostats, etc. I frequently had to reset HE's mobile client and iOS's privacy (location) settings several times each week on everyone's iPhone.

Life360, both free and paid version, has worked >98% for all my family members on their iOS phones, and reports the phone's street address location, location ETA's, battery levels, creates historical map routes that I they have taken, etc... Perfect for busy families on the go.

Let it be know, some users have reported issues with Life360 in their testing and type of phones in other forum threads, yet state that HE's mobile version works flawlessly for them. I say, whatever works seamlessly, go for it!


Thanks @KurtSanders for the information. I live alone so the non-paid version of Life360 should be enough for what I require. I have the same issue with the Hubitat geofencing as it work's off and on, which is why I'm still testing different set-ups with presence to find a reliable solution. I'm good when I get home as I have the Iphone Wifi Presence from Joel Wetzel which I find rock solid, it's just finding something similar when I leave.

I appreciate your feedback on the Life360 app. I'll keep testing different scenario's until I find something that works for me.