Life 360 vs Hubitat presence

So I have life 360 and hubitat presence running and was wondering what everyone prefers.

I ask as hubitat presence via the app seems to be hit or miss. I have noticed randomly I get loged put of the app and when loged out it does not detect me corectly.

Life 360 works but seems to want to use a mile radius from my house even thought I have the geo fence sent to the lowest setting

What is everyone's experience?


Many users, including me, use @doug's Presence Governor, or @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence to use input from multiple presence sensors, including both Life360 and the Hubitat app to determine presence.

In my experience, geofencing by one app alone is inaccurate - combining presence from multiple apps resolves that issue.

Here's an example of my "Virtual Presence" using a combined input from Life360, Hubitat app, the Alexa app, and @jwetzel1492's iPhone WiFi presence sensor. Using Presence Governor, my virtual presence is determined, and from that, the Hubitat mode is set (home/away).

P.S. iPhone WiFi presence sensor works with iOS and Android ....


I am back to using just Life360. The latest update to the HE app broke things for me on my iPhone 8

Just reinstalling Life360. HE android beta mobile app had been working well for us but is now totally unreliable.

I would definitely follow @aaiyar's advice above. Use multiple presence devices and combine them using one (or both) of the above listed apps. It's the only way to get true reliability with presence.

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Life360 just works. I'm a Hubitat fan but presence on the app has been a complete fail for us. Life360 seems to never miss. Samsung Note 8 and S9 phones. I've messed with it numerous times and have now disabled geofence on the Hubitat app on both phones. I'm Android competent and optimize is disabled for the app. Several months ago this seemed to be working , then not. Time to hire an Android pro to get this resolved, been too long.

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In your example, are you OR'ing or AND'ing the four different presence detectors?

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I'm a new Hubitat owner, I migrated from Smartthings last weekend. One of my biggest gripes with Smartthings was the poor presence reliability. Using Hubitat's built-in presence is just as bad as Smartthings, but I'm using Hubitat's Life360 integration and it's working great, not a single issue.