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trying to install life 360 tracker ? how to link this with my premium account ? Did I miss something ?

Did you install the built-in Life360 Connector App and login into your Life360 account?

Once you go through that, it will create the virtual presence devices.

I installed it but I don’t remember is creating a virtual presence sensor .

After you installed it, did you do the Life360 account login?

Once logged in, you select your circle and the family members in the circle you want to have virtual presence created for.

I did all that but it didn’t give me a option to create a virtual presence sensor . Do I do that manually ? And how do I tie the virtual sensor in with 360 tracker

If you clicked Done, you should have a presence sensor in devices for each person.

If not, I don't know what to tell you.

Yes those virtual sensors show up in my devices . For some reason I was thinking about additional virtual sensors besides those . I have those sensors tied to life360 tracker . My problem is I’m not getting any alerts on my follow me devices (echos) when one of those sensors arrived and leave from places I created or places in my premium account ?

OK, we're talking about two completely different apps.

If you have installed @bptworld life360 tracker, you need to disable HE Life360 connector.

I don't use the tracker app. You'll get more help in the life360 tracker thread here: [RELEASE] Life360 Tracker - Works with the Paid and Free versions of Life360!

Thanks to @rjterry21 for tagging me... I would have never seen it if he didn't!

Now, @rodwilson2, let's start with the 'Life360 with Stats' app.

  • You have this installed?
  • You have setup a user?
  • If you go into the device that was created, you can see updates from the Life360 service?
  • Also make sure there are no errors in the log.

Once you verify this, we can move forward to the Life360 Tracker app.

I only have the 360 connecter app and the 360 tracker app installed . That might be my problem . Where do I found the 360 app with states ? I don’t see that in hubitat package manager . I have the 360 app premium (account )installed on my phone . I guess my question is - this life 360 with states app ? Do I install that In hubitat? When I look for it in the package manager the only apps that come up is 360 tracker and 360 connector.

It's in the HPM...

Might... Nope. It IS the problem. :wink:
Screenshot 2021-09-19 160118

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Lol thanks bro !! I found it and I have it installed . Now do I disconnect 360 connector and go back configure 360 tracker ?

Read the first post here: [RELEASE] Life360 with States - Track all attributes with app and driver. Also supports RM4 and Dashboards!

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