Life 360 & Ecobee problems after 2.0

Everything has been rock solid for weeks with the Life 360 and Ecobee integrations. I just noticed that either of them are now not working, probably since the 2.0 upgrade. All it took was to re-authorize both services, but it seems I need to do this nearly every time a major upgrade is installed.

As I read your post, I'm thinking If that's the worst thing to happen, then I'll click that button for you. Updates weren't always smooth at all. I can name a few times I wondered if my lights would respond ever again. And, for a while I had to go in and click done on the what seemed like a gagillion rules in rule machine and simple lighting after an update to get things going again. As of late, the updates have been very comprehensive and reserved. I feel like Hubitat has grown when it comes to updates and consideration is taken before they are sent out. I know that you're makng note of something that you noticed, and that's taken very seriously, I also made note to check my life 360. But, I'd like to also make note that I've been in this rodeo for a while. And I'd like to mention that whenever an update comes out, one of the developers responds to issues almost immediately, and that's .... just ... amazing.

Let’s pretend I knew what I’m talking about — which we know isn’t possible...

Each hub is a massive SQL database. It’s whirling like a dervish with events occurring many times a second.

Now throw an upgrade at the hub and the dB COULD have mismatched states. Let’s pretend there’s a rule that will turn off a light in 2min. And the upgrade comes along. 3min later, it’s back, but the time for the light has passed. It doesn’t turn off. Same for an App. It could have scheduled some action prior to the upgrade but the upgrade results in zero scheduled.

The App is out of sync, and pressing Done forces a re-evaluation and everything is matching again.

As I said, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s the story I mutter to myself as I go through Apps clicking done, again

See? Like I said .. one of those developers piping in again. Geesh! :wink:

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There was no intent to make my original post a complaint. I am very happy with the development of Hubitat. It has come a long way in the six plus months I have been using it. I merely wanted to point out a problem for our developers.

Oh I do hope you didn't think that I was taking it as a complaint. I certainly wasn't.
"I know that you're makng note of something that you noticed, and that's taken very seriously,"
I know that you were stating something you've noticed as I mentioned above. I also want to say that they DO take, even your observations seriously in my experience. Sorry for that. I didn't mean to insinuate that you were complaining. I knew exactly what you meant and that's why I candidly joked about those developers piping in.