Libraries and Bundles

I've been moving 2 of my apps to use a shared library, and one of them is posted on HPM, so I'm trying to figure out how to publish the updated version there. There is info on the HPM page about how to add a Bundle to a manifest, but most guidance says to use the command-line hpm tool... which doesn't appear to do anything with Bundles.

Honestly, I have no particular desire to use Bundles per-se -- the HPM manifest already serves the purpose of installing all the components. I just want to point to a library in the HPM manifest and get it installed, and it appears that Bundles are the only way to do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bundle creation is an extra manual step to publish, where with the regular HPM I can just merge my code to main and it's there; the manual step is revving the version number in the manifest. (Though since Bundles are just .zip files, I suppose I could automate those and hope HE doesn't make any breaking changes in format.)

@csteele, any thoughts here?

I used libraries in a few of my most recent integrations. I packaged them in bundles so that they could be managed by HPM.

I got in to a development workflow where I have the bundle installed on my main hub (since I'm also running my integrations there). Each time I make a change to the library, I just export the bundle, which only contains the library. Then I upload the .zip file to GitHub and bump the version in the HPM manifest.

I also take the additional step of uploading the source for the library separately to my GitHub repo. This is tedious and strictly optional, but I like the source being viewable without downloading and extracting the .zip, plus I like the diff tools on GitHub across versions.


I haven't chosen to use Libraries in any of my Released Code. I have a library locally that adds some Debugging value, but it gets removed during 'publishing'.

I have two Bundles under my umbrella: Auto_Off and HubConnect v2.0. They work well but don't add anything for me. More fun and experience than anything else. :smiley:

However, the Bundle stanza in a Package Repository is simple enough since it's a like a driver or app stanza.

You can use the command line tool hpm to do the bulk of the work by using the manifest-add-driver command. Then just edit "drivers": [ to be "bundles": [ and you're done. Using this technique, obviously you'd want to add the bundle-as-driver first, edit the word, then add actual drivers.


Looks like I forgot to add a release thread, but if you use the keywords “manifest generator” you’ll find an app that can replace the command line tool and does include bundles coding.


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