LG Tv Recognizing Hubitat?

While dinking around on my LG TV this evening, I noticed a section labeled "Connect to other IOT Devices", and all of my hubs were listed there. I clicked on the device's hub to see where that led. It said to "push the button on the device", The illustration looked reminiscent of adding a hue hub. This is probably a silly question, What button would that be? I'm guessing something in the Add Devices, but what?

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There isn't one, This must be an LG default action for trying to pair a device.

When this screen is active on your LG tv, it might be broadcasting something on your LAN that the hub picks up and responds to.

But you’re not going to actually be able to link your hub to your tv and do anything with that linking this way.

It’s intended for pairing some other devices, I’d imagine.