LG TV integration

I'm new to hubitat... Not sure how to allocate commands to tiles (this is regarding the LG driver that wasreleased). For example, how would I send the command that open Netflix, through a tile.
Thanks to anyone that can help in advance!

For community apps and drivers, it is best to pose a question in the original thread for that community integration. That increases the chances that the developer/users of that integration will see and respond to a query about it.


Cheers mate.

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Have a look at my version of the community driver GitHub - syepes/Hubitat: Hubitat Elevation® - Apps/Drivers & Tools

And yes you can do what you are search only at one condition, that the TV is on :wink:

Is this different from the driver @asj made?

More or less the same, but with better logging and some fixes here and there..

Can you suggest a solution for how I can translate the controls of the driver to a tile?

Hi Syepes, are you maintaining the LG code? I've tried your code with an LG B2 2022 and Im not able to make it work.