LG SmartThinQ

We're getting a new LG washer and dryer and they are advertising their HA capability called SmartThinQ. It looks like yet another WiFi cloud based setup. It supposedly works with Google Home too. I figure the answer is no, but it doesn't hurt to ask considering how popular these appliances are.

Is there any way to get these to integrate into HE? Is anyone working on something like this?

If they have an open API then it would be possible for someone to write an HE driver.

If they support IFTTT integration that’s another possible way to connect it to HE.

The LG Washers are supported by IFTTT.

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No idea how well it works or much about it, but someone has reverse-engineered at least some of the API by looking at their app. Here is a link to the Github library they have made:

While it will not work with Hubitat directly, what they have done might be able to provide the basis for your own driver or such... maybe... no idea, but thought the reference could not hurt.

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Thanks! Making a driver is way over my level at this point. But Maybe someone else will tackle it. I haven't used IFTTT yet, so I guess this an excuse to look into it.

Rant: while it's cool that more and more "things" are offering control beyond just their panels, I hate that most manufacturers think they have to do their own apps or even whole platforms themselves.

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I agree with you there.

I ESPECIALLY hate when you have to get data from/about your device from a company API/Cloud. Not from the device, inside your network, directly. Let me keep everything "internal" that does not need to be outside.

A close second for the hate would be the ones that have an internal page or such that would work, but the entire data feature requires an internet connection to enable... So you still have to allow it to tell the company everything, and if you disable that portion it also disables that data page you were using.

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With this (GitHub - sampsyo/wideq: reverse-engineered client for the LG SmartThinQ API) I could probably cook something but it will need a middle man probably a raspberry pi I order a Washer and Dryer coming today I may be able to come out with something.


Have you able to get it working with HE?

Any update on a LG ThinQ integration? Would like this for my TV.

Check this thread with a lot more info in it...

My integration doesn’t work with TVs. They use a totally different protocol. I think someone else built something though.

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Is that the WebOS integration?

Sorry, I don’t recall. I don’t have any lg TVs so I didn’t do much investigation. I just remember someone mentioning it.

I’ve been using the one in HPM, although I can’t find a thread for it. It has worked great for me!

There is also this one, but I haven’t tried it:

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