LG Multisite CRC1 zigbee controller

Anyone familiar with this? It uses a zigbee module and is made for LG mini splits.

It does have an optional zigbee module, which uses the Zigbee Pro profile.

That profile is somewhat popular in building controls/management, but is not compatible with the profiles Home automation hubs support - ZLL, ZHA1.2, and Zigbee 3.0.


Ahh... The HVAC specialist at large :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn't sure. It would be nice if I could use that to integrate my minisplits to HA... Guess I'll just keep using the zxt-600... :slight_smile: Thanx, I didn't know about the zigbee pro specs.

My Fujitsu mini-splits work with this add-on device:

In theory, it allows any thermostat with standard terminals to integrate directly. So I have them wired up to Centralite Pearl thermostats.

LG might have something similar?

Full disclosure: I haven’t figured out how to get the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: units to actually take the commands from the thermostats yet, even though it should be possible according to the installation manual :roll_eyes:.

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They have these.... but they don't control the vanes and what not (I have ceiling cassettes)

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Yeah same deal for the fujitsu add-on adapter. Some controls on the wireless remotes can’t be replicated, like direction of the vanes.

My goal was mainly to automate temp set points per room. My wife and I have pretty different temperature preferences, and it’s always a PITA to change temps on the remotes every time someone enters or leaves the room.